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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

My name is Chris. I’m a MASc Candidate in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I’m a member of the Vision and Image Processing Lab, supervised by Alexander Wong and David Clausi.

I’m affiliated with the Waterloo AI Institute and the Partnership on AI, through the VIP Lab’s membership. I’m the interim Graduate Student Representative on the Council for Responsible Innovation and Technology and a volunteer with Data for Good Waterloo Region.

My research interests lie in the social impact of artificial intelligence. I am broadly interested in using my technical knowledge to better understand how deep learning systems operate, such that undesirable biases in these systems can be mitigated. I am specifically interested in fairness and privacy implications of face recognition technology, as this technology poses a high risk for misuse. Additionally, I am interested in data collection policies to better understand how assumptions are codified into data, and how decisions in this process may lead to representational bias in training datasets and evaluation bias in benchmark datasets.

You can contact me at chrisdulhanty@gmail.com


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